On this trip to Euro Dog Show 2012

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Trip to Euro Dog Show 2012
On this trip to Euro Dog Show, Team Link couldn’t be happier than what our little Star had achieved! Amongst toughest competition in Europe, Link manage to not only win the breed undefeatedly 5 times in a row, he also manage to snatch 3 Group First (on Dracula Golden Trophy Show under respected All Rounder from Puerto Rico, Mr. Rafael De Santiago, on Wine gate Keeper Show under Mrs. Radvanszky Katalin of Hungary, and on Bucharest Winner Show under Mr. Rony Doedijns of Netherland), a 3rd In Show at Bucharest Winner Show under Toy Authority, Mrs. Yolanda Nagler of Israel,
A Group Second on Euro Dog Show yet under another world renown Toy Authority, Mr. Francesco Cochetti of world renown Misty Meadow Chihuahua fame from Italy, Romanian Championship title, Bucharest Winner title, and Euro Winner title.

All of this, of course could have never been accomplished without distinct breed judges who recognize the soundness, quality, and type that our boy poses. Thank you very much Mr. Keith L Lovell from Australia, Mr.Hans van den Berg from Holland, Mrs. Radvanszky Katalin from Hungary, Mrs.Carla Molinari from Portugal, and Mr. Roberto Velez Pico form Puerto Rico for awarding our boy the Distinction to win Best Of Breed under such a highly competitive line up.

We are Over the Moon indeed! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! And also to all of the exhibitors who have been so kind and friendly to us, whom made our stay in Bucharest even more enjoyable and to all the other competitors, judges, breeders that have said so many wonderful thing about our little boy, Thank You! Hope to see all of you again someday! Best Wishes!

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